Are you a person of influence or are you holding out for “Future Rock Star Status”?

We all want to have influence in this world.

This thought specifically came to my mind at a Tim McGraw concert when he yelled into a crowd of five-thousand people, “Let me see your hands in the air!” And immediately, everyone, like robots, shamelessly threw their arms up in the air with shouts of praise. (Did I mention I was one of the shameless five-thousand acting on command?)

So many leaders strive for that same power. The ability to have influence over large companies, countries, churches, and fans, as it is in the case of Tim McGraw. But in reality, most of us will never walk the path of CEOs, presidents, mega church pastors, or rock stars.

Instead, we can become stuck in our fantasies, striving for what I call “future rock star status” and miss God’s real purpose for our lives.

Have you ever thought about how Jesus used his influence? It is true that Jesus taught to the masses. This was a vital and necessary part of his ministry. But the true life change and multiplication of disciples is seen in the influence Jesus had on the few individuals he shared life with. It started with Mary and Joseph, his brothers, the twelve, and friends and family of the twelve. Relationship is where influence began and ended for Jesus. Transforming relationships like these would be impossible in a crowd.

I believe if you want power and influence you should multiply like Jesus did. In his book, Mentor Like Jesus, Regi Campbell talks about the legacy he will leave by mentoring small groups of eight to ten men at a time. Regi states that if he mentored 64 men in his life time and each of those men did the same over five generations, then one-million people would be following Christ!1 I would call that rock star status, wouldn’t you!

I will always be a person who tells you to be who God created you to be. But if God did not create you to be a CEO, a president, a pastor of a mega church or a rock star like Tim McGraw, maybe you can try what Mother Teresa suggests and “Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.” I believe, it is here, in the depth of personal relationships, where you will find multiplication begins and ends.

1 Campbell, Regi. (2009). Mentor Like Jesus. B & H Publishing Group. Nashville, TN.





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