Making ‘Change’ your Playground of Life

She who wants to have right without wrong,change11
Order without disorder,
Does not understand the principles
Of heaven and earth.
She does not know how
Things hang together.

-Chuang Tzu, -fourth century B.C.

Although we don’t admit it, change is a feared enemy. Stability, security, and balance are what comforts us.

Take a look at the definition of equilibrium from the American Heritage Dictionary.

1. A condition in which all acting influences are canceled by others resulting in a stable, balanced or unchanging system. 2. Physics. The condition of a system in which the resultant of all acting force is zero…4. Mental or emotional balance; poise (Wheatley, 2006).

Did you notice that the result of balance of all activities is zero? In all of our efforts to balance and protect our world we are actually limiting any chance we have to breathing life into this world. If you have given birth to a child, then you will immediately understand the gift of this concept.
As we become entrenched in our day-to-day lives and to-do lists, trying to keep all the balls in the air, we forget that learning, growth and innovation only happens through change. We forget to trust anyone but ourselves and our lives becoming dull routines instead of God-given adventures.
I have had to ask myself these questions and maybe after reading this post, you will too.
1- Why do I desire balance and security over change?
2- Am I depending on my own control, or have I freely given my life to God to do with it what He may? Do I trust Him? Do I trust myself to hear His voice and be guided by His wisdom?
3- How do I let go of the fear and make ‘change’ my playground of life?


Wheatley, M. (2006). Leadership and the New Science.   In M. Wheatley, Leadership and the New Science (p. 76). San Francisco,   CA: Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc.

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