Why didn’t you tell me before now?

Why didn’t you tell me before now?Full cover copy FINAL June 2012

This is a statement my children are famous for saying. They want to know why I didn’t inform them of a haircut, doctor’s appointment or extra trumpet lesson three months in advance. They do not like surprises. They do not like their schedule interrupted and they do not like their secure world turned upside down with events they were not prepared for, no matter how benign the event may seem to you and me.

They do not ask this question in an innocent tone of voice either. They ask it as an accusation, as if I have been keeping these events a secret from them for years and waiting until the very last minute to spring it on them.

But as adults, you and I know that life brings many unexpected events and appointments.

Have you ever felt the same way about God that my kids feel about me? God, why didn’t you tell me this before now? Have you wondered why life was not what you expected? Why your life took a turn down a road you didn’t pray for or why the rug got pulled out from underneath you without any warning?

I have. And I have found the story of others comforting and helpful in my journey with God. I am so passionate about this subject that I wrote a Bible study about a woman whose life was not what she expected it to be but the ending is nothing but miraculous and encouraging.

The Bible study is called The Story of Leah and I want to share it with you.

This Valentine’s Day, you can log onto the Amazon KINDLE site and receive your very own FREE copy! My present to you. And of course, this Valentine’s Day gift is meant to be shared so feel free to share my page with others who would benefit.
Your life may not be what you expected but I believe an incredible adventure awaits you!
Happy Valentine’s Day my friends,

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