GIVE…it all you’ve got!

Angela CraigPeople fall into one of two categories when they go on vacation – some believe vacation is for activity, adventure, and exercise. Others leave their tennis shoes behind, opting for a nap in a lounge chair in the sun and a good book.

Personally, I like both but one thing I always do on vacation is a lot more exercising then I do at home. Honestly, my working out may be motivated by all the yummy food I am eating!

This past week on vacation, my husband, Mark and I took a spin class each morning before hitting the pool side lounge chair. This was not your ordinary exercise class. This was the type of class where every toxin in your body leaves the room within the first fifteen minutes because you are sweating so much you could potential rust your bike if you stayed on it long enough.

Our instructor, Pepe’, yelled and whistled – ARRIBA, RAPIDO!!! Reminding us that there is only reward in pain. “Leave it all on the bike”, he would say. “Give it all you’ve got! Don’t hold anything back!”

It was interesting to me that this has been a theme I have heard the last couple of weeks as I interviewed amazing people for the GIVE GOOD Awards (a community awards foundation that recognizes and celebrates people that inspire others).

People that are doing great things, in their community and ultimately the world have one thing in common – they have given whatever talents, gifts, passion, or resource they have (big or small) and they have given it all!

These everyday heroes don’t see themselves as extraordinary, they see themselves as just ordinary people that want to make a difference and they work hard. I am privileged to know people that GIVE IT All THEY’VE GOT! To all of you who do – You may leave a puddle of sweat of the floor doing it, but you have left a lasting impression with me!


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