The Meneghini Rule – How to marry your prince and not a frog

Cinderella and the princeWhen I was young my favorite movie was Cinderella. I dreamed of being the beautiful girl swept away by the handsome prince. Just like Cinderella and the Prince, I thought all I needed was love, a castle, and some cute glass slippers to make my happily-ever-after arrive.

After dating a few princes that turned into frogs, my Grandma Meneghini gave me this advice. I call it the Meneghini Rule.

Grandma said to me one day:


If you are going to take a bus, do you just get on any bus that comes along or do you make sure the bus is going the same direction you want to go?

I thought the answer was obvious. I would never get on a bus without knowing the direction it was heading. When you take the bus you do two things.

1.     You know where you are going and what route you will to take to get there.

2.     You check the bus route and schedule before you get on the bus to make sure it is going on the same route and to the same destination you are planning.

Friends, I think you get the point. We don’t get on buses because they are flashy or free. We wait for the one that is on the same route and going to the same destination we want to go. So ladies, stop dating just to date. Have some discernment.

Loneliness is never worse than heart-break.

If you want the Meneghini Rule to work for you, sit down today and make a list of all the attributes you want your prince to have and all the ones you don’t. Use your Bible and prayer as your guide and you will not go wrong.

I am cheering you on and believing in your Cinderella ending!

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