It’s Friday Night…Are you dating your spouse?

date-nightThis may be the shortest blog I ever write so let me get right to the point.

Are you dating your spouse? If you aren’t, someone else will.

Maybe that someone is not another person, but a job, or a hobby.

I have recently been personally convicted on this question. I was driving past the baseball field, honking at my husband as he coached little league. For some reason, honking as I drove sixty-miles an hour the opposite direction reminded me of how different I would have responded in our days of dating.

If I was dating my husband now, I would have shown up for practiced, dressed to the nines, with a cooler of drinks and snacks for coaches and team members. Why? Because when we date, I wanted to be with him every second of every day. And second, I would have done anything to impress him and the people that were important to him. I had a goal. And that goal was to be his wife. The best wife he could ever ask God for.

I have the same goal today. If you are married, I hope you do too.

We must be intentional about dating our spouse. It isn’t as easy as when we first met. We have the blessing, joy, and trials that come with children, jobs, homes, ministries, and nameless other responsibilities.
And if your relationship is challenged, it can be hard to take the lead. But trust me, if you don’t take the lead, you will end up dancing alone.

Here are some ideas to get you started on dating your spouse:
1) What is your spouse’s favorite thing to do? Plan a date around that activity or ask them if you can join him or her.
2) Your spouse wants to feel respected, loved, and that they have significance. Ask him or her what you can do to bring these attributes into their life.
3) Have a picnic.
4) Plan a weekend away.
5) Kiss them at the door when they arrive home.
6) Text them a message of love and encouragement.
7) Leave a note on the mirror or dashboard of their car.

Happy date night!

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