Freefall to Fly – a book review

imageFreefall to Fly – a breathtaking journey towards a life of meaning
By: Rebekah Lyons

What do you do when your dreams have become nothing more than a faded memory? Has meaning in life been eroded by fear, anxiety, depression, or simply by the endless to-do list that the blessings of motherhood bring.

What if you have abandon your calling for the greater call of your family. Giving up the opportunity to illustrate your God-given gifts to the world so that your husband or your children can be successful and happy in life.

In a brave, vulnerable, and candid true story, Rebekah Lyons recounts her “freefall to fly” in words that most women wouldn’t dare pen in a private journey, let alone write for the world to read.

Rebekah challenges us as women to stop masking our lack of meaning with busyness and other empty substitutes, “ignoring the yearnings in our soul” for fear, “we atrophy, and out dream will die” forever (p. 11). She says, “…the displacement of a mother’s purpose (beyond child rearing) becomes a huge loss to our communities. If women aren’t empowered to cultivate their uniqueness, we all suffer the loss of beauty, creativity, and resourcefulness they were meant to inject into the world” (p. 14).

I agree, Rebekah! Regardless, of the season of life you are currently in, if you are struggling to find meaning or have questions about purpose, I highly recommend you read Freefall to Fly. As you read, carry the words of George Elliot with you: “It is never too late to be what you might have been.”

And remember, God has given you wings to fly. You can do it!

Freefall to Fly. Tyndale House Publishers, Carol Stream, IL, 2013. 200 pages. $19.99.

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