The Illusion of Balance – Part 3

hammockIn the Illusion of Balance – Part 1 I noted the principles of balance as: motion (forward movement), focus, intention, purpose, an end goal, courage, and contentment.

Balance has a rhythm of give and take. Balance requires a personal awareness of one’s priorities, life mission, and season of purpose.

In the Illusion of Balance – Part 2 we determined the difference between balance and busyness. Today, we will discuss the necessity of periods of rest and Sabbath to maintain balance.

When balance is defined as motion, it seems to me that the words, balance and rest are oxymorons. But are they?

Living in a world that never stops means that we must have an intentional focus with an end goal in order to carve out days of rest and Sabbath in our schedule. It takes true courage to overcome the guilt and shame we feel to say no and attend to our weariness. It requires contentment to hold still long enough for our bodies to slow down and heal from the inner most parts of our soul to the outer most parts that show the wear and tear of everyday living.

The truth is, balance and rest are actually one in the same. We only have to stop and remember their living principles.

Rest in motion is a miraculous thing. We no longer have to feel guilty for taking a day off, a Sabbath day – a day of worship, rest, and play. Scripture says, “Remember the Sabbath.” We remember to stop and reflect on the blessings and beauty of life. In our rest our body heals, our mind meets God, and the creative process is stimulated. It is no wonder medical science has proven that a lack of sleep leads to a low immune system and an early death. In his book, Sabbath: Finding rest, renewal, and delight in our busy lives, Wayne Muller said: “Poisoned by this hypnotic belief that good things come only through unceasing determination and tireless efforts, we can never truly rest. And for want of rest, our lives are in danger” (p. 1).

Personally, the idea of being poisoned by false beliefs and having a life in danger sounds like a terrible idea.  I think I will take a day and curl up in the hammock.

My goal: to discover the true meaning of rest and balance!



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