Would you sell a cow for magic beans…

JackA cow for a handful of magic beans…

This is what I call courageous leadership.

Courageous leadership is the willingness to step out of the crowd, face your fears and take a risk on the unknown. Courageous leaders are willing to sell a cow for a handful of magic beans.

Most of us are familiar with the English fairytale, Jack and the Beanstalk. Jack is the only child of a widow. The only income they have is from the milk of a cow named, Milky-white. On the day, Milky-white quit producing milk, Jack’s mother told Jack to take the cow to market and sell her for a good price. But instead, Jack sold her for a handful of magic beans.

Jack was a courageous leader.

1) Courageous leaders can see the potential of a handful of beans.

2) In his book, Next Generation Leader Andy Stanley says, “Courage is not the absence of fear.” A courageous leader assumes fear but acts anyways.

3) Courageous leaders take risks. Jack took a risk on magic beans.

4) Courageous leaders will have many critics. In Jack’s case, he was called an idiot, a fool and a dolt. But courageous leaders do not give credit to critics and naysayers. The only opinions that matters are God’s and those that have forged a road in the same arena. People sitting on the side lines do not deserve the audience of a courageous leader.

5) Courageous leaders understand that loss comes before gain – There is sacrifice that comes with every win. Jack sold his families only valuable possession at a loss with the hope that his risk would bring big rewards.

6) Courageous leaders believe in what they cannot see because they trust God for their future and their calling.

In the end, the beans that Jack bought produced not only a bean stock but a bag of gold, a hen that laid golden eggs and a golden harp.

Are you ready to sell the cow for a handful of magic beans?




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