Tuesday Talk – Reinventing Community

Tuesday Talk

How do you reinvent community?

Picture of Downtown Fall CityI live in Snoqualmie Valley. A rural community, once known for sprawling farm land that is now facing the integration of middle class suburbia. Snoqualmie Valley is nestled in the best of NW beauty with the nicest and most talented people you could meet.

When I think about our community, I can’t imagine living anywhere else. In the last 11 years, I have witnessed the reinvention of our community. There has been efforts to stabilize local businesses, rid our neighbors of drugs, and bringing our schools up to standards that meet academic excellence while support teachers and kids in the classroom.

But sometimes change can feel extremely slow…especially if you are an idealist like me!

We have many Re-inventors in our Valley. Re-inventors envision people working together in community for the good of the whole. These are individuals that pool their strengths, talents, and resources to become a village not sole enterprise achievers.

Here are a few of my thoughts on how to reinvent community. (When I speak of community here, I have been talking about a town or village but you can apply this to any community you would like to reinvent…family, church, work, school…)

1) Re-inventors believe. Community can be messy. Mostly, because it is made up of imperfect humans. Re-inventors instill hope in others and believe in humankind and human potential.

2) Re-inventors take action to create change. Andy Crouse says, “The antidote to being a mere consumer is to become a creator.” Re-inventors start where they are with what they have. They don’t make excuses, they just get busy. God has a purpose for your life. Do something with it!

3) Re-inventors understand that community change takes time and patients but celebrate small achievements along the way. You will have push back when you try to change the status quo. Change is uncomfortable. Patience and acceptance of others perspectives and feelings about change will go a long way to achieving your goal.

4) Re-inventors invest in local businesses, shopping local and spreading the word about excellent service and great products. They understand that shopping local supports families, local economy and strengthens community.

5) Re-inventors celebrate others that take the time to volunteer or invest in reinventing community! Re-inventors understand that change talks more than one person, it takes a village of invested individuals. Re-inventors recognize the impact of others and cheer them on to success. Here is my opportunity to say thank you to all the Re-inventors that I know!! I appreciate you and KEEP GOING!

Tuesday Talk is all about sharing ideas…How do you reinvent community? Post your comments or questions below so we can learn from one another.

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