A New Year’s Prayer for you…

New Year’s Prayer

Reflecting on the New Year upon us, I pray these blessings over you.

May you know the power of love, gratitude and forgiveness.


May your life be transformed by the risk and perseverance you take to reach your goals and the courage it takes to get up when you fall.


May your life be made up of intentional moments of laughter, wonder, adventure, silence and solitude that fills you with joyous memories.


May you live your life for today, making spontaneity a door you open daily and enjoying the things you have saved for a special occasion.


May this year be the year that you learn a child’s anticipation for the blessings that God is dedicated to giving you.


May you have compassion and courage to stand for the justice of those that cannot stand for themselves.


May your heart be softened towards those people who trouble you, as God shows you the potential of who they were created to be.


May your goals align with the work at God’s hand.


May God bring you like-minded people and resources in your pursuit to change the world.

May this year be the year that you strive to know and understand others extending an accepting hand.


May you believe without a shadow of a doubt that God still answers prayers in miraculous ways even when the circumstances appear impossible.


May you experience the true gift of Love and never stop believing that Love conquers all.

Be blessed this New Year’s day!

Angela Craig

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