Put your battle armor on Tuesday!

Put your battle armor on Tuesday.

Tuesday is named after the Norse god of war, Tyr (or Tiw) and the Roman god of war, Mars.

Monday is a day of creation. All things are new! You are on fire for your dream and your vision is pregnant with potential.

Tuesday morning you wake up, and think to yourself: What was I thinking? This is too hard. My ideas are too risky. Why did I commit to something so crazy?

The battle of the mind begins. You are pressed into the tension and reality of what it will really take to achieve your goals. The fireworks are over. All that seems to lie ahead are the sacrifices you will have to make – like giving up your favorite week night television show or that weekend with friends at the beach. Somewhere in the not so far distance you hear a voice say: Just QUIT, no one will notice.

But you know better. You know that Tuesday is a day for battle. This is the day you put on your battle armor and go to war for your dreams!

You were made for the challenge. You were made for more!

Need more Tuesday inspiration? Check out the days of the week sermon series from Mosaic.org


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