The Naked Heart of Vulnerability

  There are places in our heart that are only revealed when something is striped from us. A relationship, a title, a physical ability, our beauty, our mind… We have a choice in how we respond. We can respond with pride – with the cover-up of perfectionism or by giving into depression. Or we can […]

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Not just another Christmas Tea

Over the last few years, leaders in ministry (including myself) have renounced the traditional Women’s Tea. Female leaders, tired of being stereotyped, and wanting to be recognized for their leadership capabilities outside of parties and teas, have labeling Women’s Teas outdated and out of touch with society. But what is really so bad about a […]

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Dare to meet in person…it’s still in vogue!

Researcher, Andrew Shatte (watch his amazing Tedx talk) has shown us that the resilience to thrive in life is found in the ability to connect with something greater than ourselves. A connection to people outside our homes, a connection to our communities, our nation, our world, and our greater purpose. If Andrew Shatte is correct, […]

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