Not just another Christmas Tea

Over the last few years, leaders in ministry (including myself) have renounced the traditional Women’s Tea. Female leaders, tired of being stereotyped, and wanting to be recognized for their leadership capabilities outside of parties and teas, have labeling Women’s Teas outdated and out of touch with society. But what is really so bad about a […]

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Barbie or Wonder Woman…what do men really want?

Last week on the Imperfect Wives LIVE show we had a great discussion about Knights and Kings – what makes a woman feel security in her marriage. This week, we felt we owed it to our men to talk about what they want in a relationship. Here are my reflections on this week’s show. What […]

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Who did you marry – A Knight or a King?

In her book, Wander Women: Guidance for the goal-driven woman, Marcia Reynolds, Psy, D. identifies how women choose a partner. Reynolds says that women will either prefer an emotional secure man (The Knight) or a financial secure man (The King). I would say that most woman I know prefer both. But what really makes women […]

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