Are your actions revealing your beliefs or your indifference?

Every person has the human right of dignity, freedom, and equality. I know you agree. But are your actions revealing your beliefs or your indifference. Even if our beliefs are for a world of justice, freedom, and equality, it is our actions that will change the world. What Seth Godin said in his blog today personally […]

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Tip of the Day…Freedom for All!

  Today we celebrate FREEDOM! Independence Day or 4th of July as we call it is based our countries belief that every human being has the right to freedom, liberty and justice. One of my favorite declarations of this belief is found in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Words to honor and live by. […]

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Tip of the Day…Devote yourself to encouraging others!

  One day after a series of baseball games I asked my son the standard after game question: What were the “pows” and “wows” of the games you played this weekend? To my surprise, the fact his team had won 3-4 games was not what he wanted to talk about. The opportunities he had to […]

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