A book review…How to Love your Crazy Family: 52 Quick Reads for No Ordinary Days

How to Love your Crazy Family: 52 Quick Reads for No Ordinary Days, by Angela Howard is just that…out of the ordinary. It is not the typical devotional book or daily read that you see right now collecting dust on your nightstand. This book tackles real everyday problems, questions and family dilemmas, illustrated by (laugh […]

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How I learned the meaning of Motherhood…

How I learned the meaning of Motherhood… The first time I remember learning the meaning of Motherhood happened at the age of ten when I was told by a relative that the only reason my parents married was because my mother was pregnant with me. In that moment, I learned that motherhood was shame, it was brokenness. That Motherhood was […]

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How I Became a Helicopter Mom

                            My life and actions as a mom all became clear to me as I read the book, Strategic Organizational Communication in a Global Economy. Your first question is probably: What normal person reads a book with that boring of a title. […]

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