Tip of the Day: Everyone needs a “Veil Lifter”…

Everyone needs a “Veil Lifter” in their life. With the sun shining this past week and a promising forecast, I decided it was time to pull out my summer clothes.  My first try was my summer shorts. Too tight to wear. I thought, no matter, I needed new ones anyways. But to my chagrin, when […]

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I have a dream but no one believes in me…

  Tuesday Talk is about YOU… Every Tuesday we engage in one big question, topic or idea. You are invited to write in with a suggestion you want to share. I surely do not have all the answers but know that together we can generate some great conversation and have fun in the process. (Feel […]

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How I learned the meaning of Motherhood…

How I learned the meaning of Motherhood… The first time I remember learning the meaning of Motherhood happened at the age of ten when I was told by a relative that the only reason my parents married was because my mother was pregnant with me. In that moment, I learned that motherhood was shame, it was brokenness. That Motherhood was […]

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