Are you willing to fail to achieve your ultimate saga?

Each of us was designed with an internal battle cry – an ultimate saga to live out.  Many times in life and business we come out of the starting gate strong, passionate to live out our ultimate saga, only to find ourselves stalled out or worse yet, stuck in failure half way into our commitment. […]

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You are the first!

I thought of you as I rode the escalator from floor to floor at Nike Town in New York City. Each floor was adorn with inspirational quotes to empower and encourage visitors to achieve their goals! No excuses. No past failures. You have a destiny to achieve and dreams to follow! The world needs you! I challenge you to […]

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Called…8 steps to overcoming a life of resignation

#1 Face your shadow side. What have you been avoiding that is holding you back from walking in your true potential? Fear of failure, pride, jealousy, bitterness? In order to move forward, we must break free of low self-esteem and past regrets.   #2 Discover your vocation. Vocation or calling answers the question: “Where am […]

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