Tuesday Talk – How do I get more volunteers?

Tuesday Talk is about YOU… Every Tuesday we engage in one big question, topic or idea. You are invited to write in with a suggestion you want to share. I surely do not have all the answers but know that together we can generate some great conversation and have fun in the process. (Feel free […]

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Superhero Personality Types

My oldest son is a freshman in high school and on his first day of school his language arts teacher asked the class this question: If you could have any superhero power, what would it be? Austin had so much fun with this question, I thought I would create the same question for female leaders. […]

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Do you wear the shoes of peace or do you wear combat boots?

Sometimes, I find myself igniting conversation only for the personal sake of proving my point. Righteous or justice driven it doesn’t matter, I want my point to be made and my voice to be heard. I believe my words will be more powerful than my silence. But somehow, that never turns out to be the […]

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