It turns out you can be Superman after all!

SupermanI am a fan. A Man of Steel fan that is. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it in 3D. My favorite character is Jor-El (played by actor, Russell Crowe) the birth father of Superman. It was his justice seeking, sacrificial, and profoundly inspiring ways that brought Jor-El’s character alive for me.

Jor-El could inspire anyone to be Superman. In the scene where Superman (played by actor, Henry Cavill) finds out who he is and what the “S” on his suit really means, Jor-El remarks on the potential power that one child can have when they are determined to do something bigger than himself (or herself). It only takes a little bit of hope, some aspiration and some hard work for one person to change the world for the better.

In this movie clip, Jor-El says, “You will give the people of earth an ideal to strive for…in time they will join you…in time you will help them accomplish wonders.

What does the “S” stand for on Superman’s chest? The “S” is Superman family crest. That crest stands for hope.

If I was a ghost writer, like Clark Kent, for the Daily Planet Newspaper, I would tell you to go out and buy yourself a Superman t-shirt. After all, anyone can be Superman and bring hope to our world!

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