Tip of the Day…Your next party can make a difference!

End hunger image


Did you know that hunger in the United States is a solvable problem?

Your next holiday party, Thanksgiving celebration, or office event could make a difference for the 49.1 million Americans living in food insecure homes.

Check out the Action Center at TAKE PART for exciting ways you, your family, community, business, or church can get involved in ENDING HUNGER by 2015! Simply enter your zip code or state and find out what the needs are and how to help in your area. Amazing resources and ideas await you! Here is just one of those resources the TRAILER for A Place at the Table  that will inspire you to share this idea with others!

The graphic logo above is yours FREE to use and SHARE on social media! Together you and I can give so no adult or child goes to bed hungry ever again!

Please LIKE this post if you have committed to END HUNGER with me! I will be cheering you on!

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