Are you hitting the mark with your team meetings and events?


Depending on what study or report you read, 75% of employees and managers find team meetings and events a waste of time. Personally, you may be thinking that number is low. I did when I read it. So I asked a classroom of leaders if they found meetings or team activities in their organization useful. Not one of them raised their hand.

As a leader of influence, your job is to bring value to the people and the organization you serve. I believe meeting times of collaboration provide the opportunity for shared vision, building trust and unity, creating an environment of innovation, and increased productivity with an outcome of employee longevity.

When team meetings and events hit the mark, employees and leaders are engaged and the organizational mission and vision are achieved.

Here are some tips for planning team meetings or event that will hit the bulls eye every time:

  1. Why. Most companies would improve productivity by canceling 50% of their meetings. Ask yourself: What is the purpose? Examine your personal agenda. Is their political or historical motivation? (i.e.We have always had a Monday meeting.)
  2. What. Meetings and events should build trust and cohesiveness. Have you considered the diversity of your team when planning your meetings or event agenda? Have you considered the ethical or moral implications of your choice of venue or activity? For example: If I think my team would be lucky to attend a late night planning meeting over a fancy meal with fine wines at a high end restaurant – have I considered any conflicts this might create for my team’s family activities, cultural, moral or religious beliefs? Another example: If I think shooting at a gun range would be a fun team building event, have I thought through the ethical or moral dilemmas that some of my team members may have holding a gun?
  3. When. Make a new team rule: energy vs. time. Parkinson’s law is the adage that “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”. Brain research also shows that we have limited cognitive or what they call “executive” resources for decision making. In fact, most adults do best when they can work 45 minutes and then have a 15 minute break. Not only does this rule work for effective meetings and events, encouraging your team to adopt the energy vs. time rule into their work day will save you money in turn-over costs and health insurance premiums while increasing productivity.

There is great reward in hitting the mark with your team meeting and events! If you are struggling in this area, please feel free to email me for more ideas. Also, you might consider hiring a leadership coach for ongoing support. Having a coach has changed my life and leadership. It may be just what you need in the New Year to reach your goals!


2 Comments on “Are you hitting the mark with your team meetings and events?”

  1. I loved this post! It’s a keeper. I have had the privilege of being on a team lead by you and I can attest to the fact that you practice these tips and they make the meetings productive, powerful and inspiring. Thanks for writing!


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