A Heart Shaped Raindrop for You…

This morning I vowed to get organized. I am famous for writing reminders, blog ideas, or parts of speaking scripts on anything that is in front of me. It might be the computer, but it might also be a napkin, the back of a receipt, or my hand.  I told my husband, Mark, “Today is the day! I am going to create a journal for each category of work, so I don’t lose my ideas and reminders. A journal for coaching, one for speaking, one for writing, and one for daily work.” Mark did not see how this would be simpler but I was determined to prove that different methods work for different people.

After church I surveyed all my stack of journals selecting which would be the best for each category. One with the title, “Nothing can stop God’s plan for your life” already had coaching notes in it. That became my coaching journal. The next one I opened (one of my favorites) was personalized with my name in each verse at the bottom of each page – a gifts from dear missionary friends . When I opened up the journal, a letter fell out. My heart stopped when I saw the signature at the bottom that read:


It is funny, I knew the signature by the picture of the tiny heart, before I even read the name. Heart was so much a part of who Carmen was.

One year ago, my friend Carmen passed away from cancer after a 5 year battle. Carmen did not lose the battle. She won! Carmen won by the way she loved, by the way she shared her faith, and by the way she never gave up. Those things will forever live on in the lives of those she loved and inspired.

Life – what else could be so simple yet so complex, so matched with times of sorrow, joy, and beauty?

For all my friends who are in a season where the struggles you face seem endless, this blog is for you. Be encouraged today. I am confident that God has put Carmen in charge of dropping heart shaped raindrops on your windshield.

Don’t miss it!

Carmen Duppenthaler - age 45 Jan 21, 2014RE-POST of my blog written for Carmen in January of 2014

There are some days I wish would never come. Like the day we lost a friend, a daughter, a mom, a sister… These days leave me with many questions. Like a child, I ask why over and over again. God always answers the same way.

He answers in love.

He answers in mercy and grace.

He answers in the gift of community.

He answers in comfort and healing.

He answers by capturing our tears and holding our hearts gently in His strong hands.

He answers with the promise of an eternal life shared with Him and the ones we love that have gone before us.

On the day that Carmen passed away, the scripture that began our family devotional read: “Neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 8:39.

Today, we will come together not as mourners but as rejoicers to celebrate a life shared, a life lived, and a life eternal. We will remember that God is for us and His love is with us – just as Carmen did.

Heart Shaped Raindropheart raindrop - Carmen Duppenthaler
Written by Carmen Duppenthaler
June 21, 2013

I could not wait to get home and share this amazing phenomenon with everyone!

Early this morning, Jeff and I drove to Swedish Issaquah for my PET Scan. As we were driving over Squak Mountain, a large raindrop hit the windshield and took the shape of a heart. It was directly in my line of sight, so I couldn’t miss it. I said to Jeff, “look someone is sending me love”. I quickly reached for my phone to snap a photo before it washed away. Amazingly, it stayed long enough for me to capture it. The timing of this raindrop could not be more perfect.

This past week I have felt very alone and have questioned my faith. After finding a lump on my lower back near my spine, I got angry with God and told Him so. I got scared and let my mind wander to dark territory I usually avoid.

I believe someone sent me this heart shaped raindrop to tell me that I am not alone. It was a gentle reminder to keep the faith and keep believing. I feel completely rejuvenated and have new found hope. This raindrop of love changed my outlook. Thank you to the kind spirit who sent it to me.

Today’s scan went well. I even did the scan without anti-anxiety medication. I felt a rare sense of calmness and somehow knew I didn’t need it. I see Dr. Wahl on Tuesday June 25th for my results. Until then, I will keep visualizing the heart shaped raindrop ♥

♥ Carmen

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