A Day of Love Friday!

Today is Friday.

Friday is attributed to Roman goddess of love, Venus.

Friday is a day of love.

Love is more than a feeling, it is an action.

Why is Valentine’s Day different than other days in the year? Because people take action on their feelings.

Love must be intentional.

There are three reasons we don’t love:

We feel unloved.

We fear rejection.

We feel unlovable.

The key to unlocking love in your own life is to love when it is the hardest.

God’s love is perfect and endless. “Where God’s love is, there is no fear, because God’s perfect love drives out fear” (1 John 4:18 NCV).

Think of God’s love as an overflowing river into your life. You can dip a bucket in at any time and fill it up.

How can you make every Friday, a day of love and show others love through your actions?


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