Need a personal or professional makeover? Michael Hyatt to the rescue!

As a leader, coach and author, I am a big fan of Michael Hyatt. If you have not meet Michael, he is the virtual mentor you have been looking for to win at work and succeed at life. (BIG sell, I know. But, I promise, you won’t be disappointed.)

Last week I was watching his new series of free videos, (Yes, free! Michael Hyatt is also one of the most generous online leaders I have encountered) on Platform University – discover how to stand out, get your message heard, and grow your following. In addition to the videos, Michael has included two incredible resources you can use in both life and leadership.

Today, I want to share with you one of the exercises that challenged me the most. It is called Mapping your Message.

As a coach, this would be one of the first exercises I would give you. It asks the basic questions: Who are you created to be? What is your purpose? Who will you serve?

But as the person being coached, you might hate me. Personally, I felt a bit overwhelmed by the empty boxes on the map below. It paralyzed me for a few days as I chicken scratched some empty answers on the page. How could this be so hard, I asked myself?

What I needed was a place to get started, an example of what a finished map looked like.

I decided, today is the perfect day to map our message together! I will go first…see my answers under your map.

Michael H. Mapping Exercise

1. People: Leaders, women, marginalized. Cause: People seeking purpose and meaning in life and leadership who need resources, training, and advocacy.

2. I am most passionate about helping people interested in impacting their world and reaching their goals.

3. What causes the people I serve the most pain and frustration:Lack of training and resources. Lack of opportunity.

4. The one thing I wish every person knew (and believed): You were uniquely created by God to contribute something beautiful to the world!

5. What comes easily to me: Research & writing. Teaching and team building. Planning big parties.

6. What subjects do I find myself consistently sharing or teaching: Identity. Purpose. Destiny.

7. How could my interests help others: Equip. Encourage. Elevate.

8. If I could do what I describe in #7, people would live a life of purpose and meaning because they understanding their value and worth through a relationship with the God who create and chose them. Walking with Jesus, they would live lives to their fullest potential, working in community with others, to contribute good to the world around them.

9. If I quit, there would less encouragement, resources, and training for potential leaders to find meaning and purpose in life and leadership. The GIVE GOOD Awards would not exist and there would be a gab in elevating women in ministry and leadership.

Now, it’s your turn to map your message! Go for it. I will be here cheering you on!

 I would love to hear your thoughts on, Need a personal or professional makeover? Michael Hyatt to the rescue! Please don’t hesitate to share your stories or comments below.

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