The Ungame, my 15 year-old son, and what I learned about having a dishwasher mentality


On vacation over Spring break, our family played The Ungame while driving from one destination to another. The Ungame “is a unique way to share opinions, feelings and beliefs, and increase understanding of yourself and others” (description from the side of the game box). Basically, it is a game designed to improve communication among families, couples, and teams.

The game begins by having a player draw a topic card. Everyone else commits to listening to the person’s answer, refraining from comment until they draw a comment card. My 15 year old son, Austin got a question I thoughimaget he would have a tough time answering: “Discuss a household appliance.” Apparently, I was wrong. Without missing a beat, Austin gave this response.

I would like to discuss the dishwasher. The dishwasher resembles the American consumer mentality. People desire the best results for little work. Like washing dishes by hand, no longer do people want to put in the effort and time it takes to create a great finished product. They want to skip the hard work of scrapping and scrubbing and press the “quick cycle button” to get their results.

I was challenged by my son to ask myself, “Angela, what areas of your life are you having a dishwasher mentality?”

What about you, what areas of your life are you feeling impatient about? What areas do you want to push the “quick cycle button” to see your goal accomplished instead of putting in the work that will truly result in yours dreams coming true?

I would love to hear your thoughts on The Ungame, my 15 year-old son, and what I learned about having a dishwasher mentality, please don’t hesitate to share your stories or comments below.

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5 Comments on “The Ungame, my 15 year-old son, and what I learned about having a dishwasher mentality”

  1. Love it! Good insight Austin 😃 I expect quick results when processing feelings and often rush past my sadness or anger without dealing without dealing with them. Working on changing that!


  2. This is so convicting!! Praying over these areas now.. On a side note: Bill fusses at me for wanting to wash our dishes by hand verses using the dishwasher. I like washing the dishes my self. I use less water and I can dry and put them away and be done in 10 minutes verses the hour I’m waiting for the dishwasher to be done. For me, this is a score in my daily list of house duties. Please tell Austin I said he is one smart young man! 🙂


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